MineSet: An Integrated System for Data Mining

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MineSet: An Integrated System for Data Mining
MineSetTM , Silicon Graphics’ interactive system for data mining, integrates three powerful technologies: database access, analytical data mining, and data visualization. It supports the knowledge discovery process from data access and preparation through iterative analysis and visualization to deployment. MineSet is based on a client-server architecture that scales to large databases. The database access component provides a rich set of operators that can be used to preprocess and transform the stored data into forms appropriate for visualization and analytical mining. The 3D visualization capabilities allow direct data visualization for exploratory analysis, including tools for displaying high-dimensional data containing geographical and hierarchical information. The analytical mining algorithms help identify potentially interesting models of the data, which can be viewed using visualization tools specialized for the learned models. Third party vendors can interface to the MineSet...
Clifford Brunk, James Kelly, Ron Kohavi
Added 08 Aug 2010
Updated 08 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where KDD
Authors Clifford Brunk, James Kelly, Ron Kohavi
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