Mixed Criteria Packet Scheduling

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Mixed Criteria Packet Scheduling
Packet scheduling in networks with quality of service constraints has been extensively studied as a single criterion scheduling problem. The assumption underlying single criterion packet scheduling is that the value of all packets can be normalized to a single scale, even in cases when packets have different requirements. We demonstrate that this approach can lead to inefficient utilization of network resources. To improve network efficiency, we model packet scheduling as a mixed criteria scheduling problem where there are two distinct sets of jobs: deadline jobs which represent real-time packets in a network and flow jobs which represent other packets in the network. As the names imply, the jobs in these two sets differ by the criteria associated with them. For this problem, the flow jobs are scheduled to minimize the sum of their flow times, and the deadline jobs are scheduled to maximize the value of jobs that complete by their deadlines. We demonstrate that even when there is ...
Chad R. Meiners, Eric Torng
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Updated 06 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where AAIM
Authors Chad R. Meiners, Eric Torng
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