Mixed-Initiative Workflow Composition

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Mixed-Initiative Workflow Composition
CAT's knowledge base contains abstract task or example "abstract flight reservation task," which can be included in a workflow as placeholders. CAT will gest that users specialize abstract tasks; one such on might be "specialize abstract flight reservation task to Travelocity or Orbitz." AutoCAT extends CAT by incorporating Prodigy's automatic workflow completion. AutoCAT takes a partial workflow created by the user, and sends it to Prodigy. The representation of the workflow in Prodigy defines the problem's initial state as every task output from a workflow (i.e., all effects), and the goal state as every task input from the workflow (i.e., all preconditions). Prodigy processes the problem, while referencing AutoCAT's knowledge base for the available task types that can be added to the workflow. Prodigy then returns the shortest sequence of operators (i.e., tasks), based on the initial state, which supplies all necessary effects to achieve the g...
Marc Spraragen
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Year 2004
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