Modal Logic over Higher Dimensional Automata

13 years 8 months ago
Modal Logic over Higher Dimensional Automata
Higher dimensional automata (HDA) are a model of concurrency that can express most of the traditional partial order models like Mazurkiewicz traces, pomsets, event structures, or Petri nets. Modal logics, interpreted over Kripke structures, are the logics for reasoning about sequential behavior and interleaved concurrency. Modal logic is a well behaved subset of first-order logic; many variants of modal logic are decidable. However, there are no modal-like logics for the more expressive HDA models. In this paper we introduce and investigate a modal logic over HDAs which incorporates two modalities for reasoning about "during" and "after". We prove that this general higher dimensional modal logic (HDML) is decidable and we define a complete axiomatic system for it. We also show how, when the HDA model is restricted to Kripke structures, a syntactic restriction of HDML becomes the standard modal logic. Then we isolate the class of HDAs that encode Mazurkiewicz traces ...
Cristian Prisacariu
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Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Cristian Prisacariu
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