Model Based Color Separation for CMYKcm Printing

13 years 5 months ago
Model Based Color Separation for CMYKcm Printing
Recently, with the advent of printers with more than four colorants, the development of characterization and calibration techniques for these printers has been an important area of research in color printing. In addition to the "hi-fi" printers having colorants such as green, orange, red, blue and violet to increase the gamut of traditional CMY K (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) printers, CMY Kcm printers which have light dye load colorants light cyan (c) and light magenta (m) have also become popular. In this paper, we investigate the CMY Kcm printers. We propose an spectral model based approach for the problem of color printer separation in CMY Kcm printing. We employ a parametric spectral model for color printers based on YuleNielsen modified spectral Neugebauer equations to characterize a CMY Kcm printer. We find the Yule-Nielsen parameter from a least squares regression over a training set of spectral measurements. We then apply the spectral model for the CMY Kcm printer ...
A. Ufuk Agar
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Year 2001
Authors A. Ufuk Agar
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