Model Checking Software at Compile Time

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Model Checking Software at Compile Time
Software has been under scrutiny by the verification community from various angles in the recent past. There are two major algorithmic approaches to ensure the correctness of and to eliminate bugs from such systems: software model checking and static analysis. Those approaches are typically complementary. In this paper we use a model checking approach to solve static analysis problems. This not only avoids the scalability and abstraction issues typically associated with model checking, it allows for specifying new properties in a concise and elegant way, scales well to large code bases, and the built-in optimizations of modern model checkers enable scalability also in terms of numbers of properties to be checked. In particular, we present Goanna, the first C/C++ static source code analyzer using the off-the-shelf model checker NuSMV, and we demonstrate Goanna’s suitability for developer machines by evaluating its run-time performance, memory consumption and scalability using the s...
Ansgar Fehnker, Ralf Huuck, Patrick Jayet, Michel
Added 04 Jun 2010
Updated 04 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where TASE
Authors Ansgar Fehnker, Ralf Huuck, Patrick Jayet, Michel Lussenburg, Felix Rauch
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