Modeling Contextual Concerns in Enterprise Architecture

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Modeling Contextual Concerns in Enterprise Architecture
Abstract—Enterprise Architecture approaches are used to provide rigorous descriptions of the organization-wide environment, manage the alignment of deployed services to the organization’s mission, end ensure a clear separation of the concerns addressed in an architecture. Thus, an effective Enterprise Architecture approach assists in the management of relations and dependencies of any components of the organization environment and supports the integration and evolution of the architecture. However, the quality of that approach is strongly influenced by the precision of the architecture context description, a fact which is not always recognized. This paper focuses on the architecture context description and addresses the gap between the stakeholders’ concerns and the resulting architecture. Based on a combination of established references and standards, we show how an explicit integration of the architecture context into the architecture model improves the linking of concerns and...
Gonçalo Antunes, José Barateiro, Chr
Added 19 Dec 2011
Updated 19 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
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Authors Gonçalo Antunes, José Barateiro, Christoph Becker, José Luis Borbinha, Ricardo Vieira
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