Modeling Surface-flow Characteristics in Glaciated Landscapes

13 years 2 months ago
Modeling Surface-flow Characteristics in Glaciated Landscapes
The Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of the US and Canada is characterized by thousands of shallow, water-filled depressions with sizes ranging from a fraction of a hectare to several square kilometers. The purpose of this work is to apply GIS hydrologic modeling techniques to further understanding of surface-flow characteristics of the PPR. High resolution digital elevation models are required to resolve subtle depressions of the low-lying landscape. This research uses an IFSAR-derived digital terrain model (DTM) and orthorectified radar imagery (ORI) as a base for developing a hydrologically-correct DEM and derivative products. This work builds on previous research piloted at two wetland complexes in Deuel County, SD. This phase of the research focuses on interpreting modeled drainages, looking at patterns of basin connectivity. Closed basins in wet years overflow forming surface connections, which eventually eliminate wetland features as the landscape ages. ArcHydro Tools are used exte...
Janet Gritzner
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