Modeling Time-Variant User Mobility in Wireless Mobile Networks

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Modeling Time-Variant User Mobility in Wireless Mobile Networks
Abstract— Realistic mobility models are important to understand the performance of routing protocols in wireless ad hoc networks, especially when mobility-assisted routing schemes are employed, which is the case, for example, in delay-tolerant networks (DTNs). In mobility-assisted routing, messages are stored in mobile nodes and carried across the network with nodal mobility. Hence, the delay involved in message delivery is tightly coupled with the properties of nodal mobility. Currently, commonly used mobility models are simplistic random i.i.d. model that do not reflect realistic mobility characteristics. In this paper we propose a novel time-variant community mobility model. In this model, we define communities that are visited often by the nodes to capture skewed location visiting preferences, and use time periods with different mobility parameters to create periodical re-appearance of nodes at the same location. We have clearly observed these two properties based on analysis o...
Wei-jen Hsu, Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Konstantino
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Wei-jen Hsu, Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Konstantinos Psounis, Ahmed Helmy
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