Modular Checkpointing for Atomicity

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Modular Checkpointing for Atomicity
Transient faults that arise in large-scale software systems can often be repaired by re-executing the code in which they occur. Ascribing a meaningful semantics for safe re-execution in multi-threaded code is not obvious, however. For a thread to correctly re-execute a region of code, it must ensure that all other threads which have witnessed its unwanted effects within that region are also reverted to a meaningful earlier state. If not done properly, data inconsistencies and other undesirable behavior may result. However, automatically determining what constitutes a consistent global checkpoint is not straightforward since thread interactions are a dynamic property of the program. In this paper, we present a safe and efficient checkpointing mechanism for Concurrent ML (CML) that can be used to recover nsient faults. We introduce a new linguistic abstraction called stabilizers that permits the specification of per-thread monitors and the restoration of globally consistent checkpoint...
Lukasz Ziarek, Philip Schatz, Suresh Jagannathan
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Lukasz Ziarek, Philip Schatz, Suresh Jagannathan
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