Multicoordinated agreement for groups of agents

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Multicoordinated agreement for groups of agents
Agents in agreement protocols play well distinct roles. Proposers propose values to the acceptors, which will accept proposals and inform the learners so they detect that an agreement has been reached. A fourth role is that of the coordinator, who filters the proposals from proposers to acceptors. While proposers, learners, and coordinators are easily replaced, substituting an acceptor is prohibitive. Protocols that do not employ a coordinator are less resilient to acceptor failures. Protocols that use one coordinator are more resilient to acceptor failures, at the expense of one extra communication step even in the absence of failures. Moreover, they require replacing the coordinator as soon as it fails, a reconfiguration that, although relatively inexpensive, diminishes the protocol availability. Hence, either option, i.e, one or zero coordinator, has its drawbacks. In previous works, we have presented an alternative: multicoordinated agreement protocols. Such protocols are as resil...
Lásaro J. Camargos, Rodrigo Schmidt, Edmund
Added 19 May 2011
Updated 19 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where JBCS
Authors Lásaro J. Camargos, Rodrigo Schmidt, Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira, Fernando Pedone
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