Multilanguage Programming

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Multilanguage Programming
more abstractly to the tools, tactics, and techniques pertinent to each profession. Top basketball players know multiple ways to help their teams with scoring, passing, and defense, and they can adapt their games as needed. Virtuoso musicians are skilled at multiple instruments, styles, and techniques. Seasoned integration developers tend to be knowledgeable in a variety of technical areas, not only because they're exposed to many technologies over time but also because they often face project pressures of getting disparate systems to work together. The software development vocabulary is, of course, quite rich. In the big picture, it ranges from firmware and low-level device drivers to high-level applications, with various operating systems, command shells, editors, compilers, libraries, frameworks, protocols, and debuggers in Woven among those are more abstract elements such as algorithms, patterns, and programming language idioms. Despite the fact that this breadth and rich vari...
Steve Vinoski
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