Mutually nonblocking supervisory control of discrete event systems

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Mutually nonblocking supervisory control of discrete event systems
For discrete event systems, modular supervisory control refers to modular design of a supervisor when multiple control specifications are given. This problem has been studied for the case when the desired specifications must all simultaneously be met. In this paper, we study the case when at least one of the desired specifications must always be met while never blocking any of the remaining specifications. In addition, the entire controlled system must be nonblocking. Thus, we study the case of "disjunction" (as opposed to "conjunction" as in prior work) with the provision for ensuring a type of fairness with regards to each individual specification. We call this the problem of mutually nonblocking supervision, which is demonstrated to have applications in feature interactions in telephony, protocol conversion, and manufacturing. We present a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a mutually nonblocking supervisor, where the relevance of the notion...
M. Fabian, R. Kumar
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Type Journal
Year 2000
Authors M. Fabian, R. Kumar
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