A neurodynamical model for working memory

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A neurodynamical model for working memory
Neurodynamical models of working memory (WM) should provide mechanisms for storing, maintaining, retrieving, and deleting information. Many models address only a subset of these aspects. Here we present a rather simple WM model where all of these performance modes are trained into a recurrent neural network (RNN) of the Echo State Network (ESN) type. The model is demonstrated on a bracket level parsing task with a stream of rich and noisy graphical script input. In terms of nonlinear dynamics, memory states correspond, intuitively, to attractors in an input-driven system. As a supplementary contribution, the article proposes a rigorous formal framework to describe such attractors, generalizing from the standard definition of attractors in autonomous (input-free) dynamical systems. Key words: Recurrent Neural Networks, Echo State Networks, Working Memory, Attractor
Razvan Pascanu, Herbert Jaeger
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Type Journal
Year 2011
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Authors Razvan Pascanu, Herbert Jaeger
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