New frontiers for intelligent content-based retrieval

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New frontiers for intelligent content-based retrieval
In this paper, we examine emerging frontiers in the evolution of content-based retrieval systems that rely on an intelligent infrastructure. Here, we refer to intelligence as the capabilities of the systems to build and maintain situational or world models, utilize dynamic knowledge representations, exploit context, and leverage advanced reasoning and learning capabilities. We argue that these elements are essential to producing effective systems for retrieving audio-visual content at semantic levels matching those of human perception and cognition. In this paper, we review relevant research on the understanding of human intelligence and construction of intelligent systems in the fields of cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, semiotics, and computer vision. We also discuss how some of the principal ideas from these fields lead to new opportunities and capabilities for content-based retrieval systems. Finally, we describe some of our efforts in these directions. In particular...
Ana B. Benitez, John R. Smith
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Ana B. Benitez, John R. Smith
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