Non-linear Volume Photon Mapping

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Non-linear Volume Photon Mapping
This paper describes a novel extension of the photon mapping algorithm, capable of handling both volume multiple inelastic scattering and curved light paths simultaneously. The extension is based on the Full Radiative Transfer Equation (FRTE) and Fermat’s law, and yields physically accurate, high-dynamic data than can be used for image generation or for other simulation purposes, such as driving simulators, underwater vision or lighting studies in architecture. Photons are traced into the participating medium with a varying index of refraction, and their curved trajectories followed (curved paths are the cause of certain atmospheric effects such as mirages or rippling desert images). Every time a photon is absorbed, a Russian roulette algorithm based on the quantum efficiency of the medium determines whether the inelastic scattering event takes place (causing volume fluorescence). The simulation of both underwater and atmospheric effects is shown, providing a global illumination s...
Diego Gutierrez, Adolfo Muñoz, Oscar Anson,
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where RT
Authors Diego Gutierrez, Adolfo Muñoz, Oscar Anson, Francisco J. Serón
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