A Note on Logic Programming Fixed-Point Semantics

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A Note on Logic Programming Fixed-Point Semantics
In this paper, we present an account of classical Logic Programming fixed-point semantics in terms of two standard categorical constructions in which the least Herbrand model is characterized by properties of universality. In particular, we show that, given a program P, the category of models of P is reflective in the category of interpretations for P. In addition, we show that the immediate consequence operator gives rise to an endofunctor TP on the category of Herbrand interpretations for P such that category of algebras for TP is the category of Herbrand models of P. As consequences, we have that the least Herbrand model of P is the least fixed-point of TP and is the reflection of the empty Herbrand interpretation.
Vladimiro Sassone
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Year 1993
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Authors Vladimiro Sassone
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