A Novel Architecture for Situation Awareness Systems

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A Novel Architecture for Situation Awareness Systems
Situation Awareness (SA) is the problem of comprehending elements of an environment within a volume of time and space. It is a crucial factor in decision-making in dynamic environments. Current SA systems support the collection, filtering and presentation of data from different sources very well, and typically also some form of low-level data fusion and analysis, e.g., recognizing patterns over time. However, a still open research challenge is to build systems that support higher-level information fusion, viz., to integrate domain specific knowledge and automatically draw conclusions that would otherwise remain hidden or would have to be drawn by a human operator. To address this challenge, we have developed a novel system architecture that emphasizes the rˆole of formal logic and automated theorem provers in its main components. Additionally, it features controlled natural language for operator I/O. It offers three logical languages to adequately model different aspects of the doma...
Franz Baader, Andreas Bauer 0002, Peter Baumgartne
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Updated 27 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Franz Baader, Andreas Bauer 0002, Peter Baumgartner, Anne Cregan, Alfredo Gabaldon, Krystian Ji, Kevin Lee, David Rajaratnam, Rolf Schwitter
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