Object Based Video with Progressive Foreground

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Object Based Video with Progressive Foreground
A novel algorithm is described for coding objects in video compression systems which gives complete control over the bit allocation to the video objects. The method is evaluated by application to a two layer codec, with background and foreground objects. Images in a sequence are divided into macroblocks, which are compared to a stored background model. Those whose mean square difference (MSD) exceeds a noise threshold are considered as foreground, and may be split into successively finer partitions described by a quadtree data structure. This defines more precisely the outline of the foreground object within each macroblock and gives a set of microblocks of variable size. The microblocks are transformed by the 2D DCT, and the DCT coefficients are coded bitplane by bitplane over the selected object, using a zigzag masked (ZZM) technique. For robustness, data is then transmitted macroblock by macroblock, and intraframe or interframe coding of blocks can be selected adaptively at frame, ...
Donald M. Monro, Huijuan Li, J. A. Nicholls
Added 26 Aug 2010
Updated 26 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where ICIP
Authors Donald M. Monro, Huijuan Li, J. A. Nicholls
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