Odor Recognition for Intelligent Systems

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Odor Recognition for Intelligent Systems
An electronic nose (e-nose) is an intelligent sensing device that uses an array of gas sensors of partial and overlapping selectivity along with a pattern recognition component to distinguish between both simple and complex odors. To date, e-noses have had a variety of use in a number of applications from the food industry to medical diagnosis. A next stage in the development of e-noses is the consideration of artificial olfaction into integrated systems, working together with other sensors on more complex platforms e.g. a mobile robotic system or an intelligent environment. This paper presents an overview of the more critical challenges in the integration of this important sense into intelligent systems. We also present a mobile robot called Pippi, that uses different sensing modalities (cameras, sonar, tactile and electronic nose sensors) and high-level processes (planner, symbolic reasoning) to achieve a number of olfactory related tasks.
Amy Loutfi, Silvia Coradeschi
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Amy Loutfi, Silvia Coradeschi
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