Office Activity Procedure Exception Handling Realization Difficulties

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Office Activity Procedure Exception Handling Realization Difficulties
Office activity procedure automation is getting very popular in major organizations. During the automation then workflow method is chosen frequently, because of its possibility to reflect real world business processes in a transparent and informative way. By automating such activities, organization gains a possibility to share resources between distant company departments, shortens the activity fulfillment time, and reaches work efficiency. It’s a pity, but workflow doesn’t support real world deviations, which often occur during document or project preparation. Every possible exception or deviation must be foreseen during the process build-time. The most difficult to solve are run-time exceptions. They are difficult to catch, their impact to the process can be determinant to the final goal and they irritate the user most of all. This paper focuses on the business process, modeled using workflow exception handling, and exception impact to the business process and user reliance on th...
Dovile Vojevodina, Genadijus Kulvietis
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Year 2004
Authors Dovile Vojevodina, Genadijus Kulvietis
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