Online oblivious routing

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Online oblivious routing
We consider an online version of the oblivious routing problem. Oblivious routing is the problem of picking a routing between each pair of nodes (or a set of ows), without knowledge of the tra c or demand between each pair, with the goal of minimizing the maximum congestion on any edge in the graph. In the online version of the problem, we consider a \repeated game" setting, in which the algorithm is allowed to choose a new routing each night, but is still oblivious to the demands that will occur the next day. The cost of the algorithm at every time step is its competitive ratio, or the ratio of its congestion to the minimum possible congestion for the demands at that time step. We present an algorithm that is (1 + ) competitive with respect to the best algorithm that uses a single routing for the entire sequence of days (known as the optimal static routing). Our result is a strengthening of the recent result of Azar et al 4], who gave a polynomial time algorithm to nd an oblivio...
Nikhil Bansal, Avrim Blum, Shuchi Chawla, Adam Mey
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Updated 05 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where SPAA
Authors Nikhil Bansal, Avrim Blum, Shuchi Chawla, Adam Meyerson
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