Ontology-Based Design Pattern Recognition

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Ontology-Based Design Pattern Recognition
This paper presents ontology-based architecture for pattern recognition in the context of static source code analysis. The proposed system has three subsystems: parser, OWL ontologies and analyser. The parser subsystem translates the input code to AST that is constructed as an XML tree. The OWL ontologies define code patterns and general programming concepts. The analyser subsystem constructs instances of the input code as ontology individuals and asks the reasoner to classify them. The experience gained in the implementation of the proposed system and some practical issues are discussed. The recognition system successfully integrates the knowledge representation field and static code analysis, resulting in greater flexibility of the recognition system. Key words: knowledge-based system, ontology-based system, static code analysis, description logics, OWL application, formal pattern definition
Damir Kirasic, Danko Basch
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where KES
Authors Damir Kirasic, Danko Basch
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