Open Innovation Marketing. A Case Study

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Open Innovation Marketing. A Case Study
: Social networks and communities like facebook and myspace gain increasing importance in people's everyday lives. Companies start to see these platforms as a chance for communicating to an attractive target group and deriving innovation ideas from this group. Yet, methods and tools to efficiently initiate and use open innovation projects in these environments are limited. This article explores open innovation projects as a new method for systematically utilizing the creative potential of social community users and turning them into brand ambassadors. 1 Open Innovation Marketing For open innovation as a competitive strategy, rather than a marketing tool, customers are seen as great source for creating innovative products and services. [Ch06] This trend has been a buzz-topic in marketing as well as innovation management in recent literature. Another buzz topic is social media, therein especially social networks like facebook, and the marketing therein [Ro05]. This article discusses...
Catharina van Delden, Nancy Wünderlich
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Year 2010
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Authors Catharina van Delden, Nancy Wünderlich
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