Operating a Network Link at 100%

12 years 2 months ago
Operating a Network Link at 100%
Abstract. Internet speed at the edge is increasing fast with the spread of fiberbased broadband technology. The appearance of bandwidth-consuming applications, such as peer-to-peer file sharing and video streaming, has made traffic growth a serious concern like never before. Network operators fear congestion at their links and try to keep them underutilized while no concrete report exists about performance degradation at highly utilized links until today. In this paper, we reveal the degree of performance degradation at a 100% utilized link using the packet-level traces collected at our campus network link. The link has been fully utilized during the peak hours for more than three years. We have found that per-flow loss rate at our border router is surprisingly low, but 30 ∼ 50 msec delay is added. The increase in delay results in overall RTT increase and degrades user satisfaction for domestic web flows. Comparison of two busy traces shows that the same 100% utilization can res...
Changhyun Lee, D. K. Lee, Yung Yi, Sue B. Moon
Added 16 Sep 2011
Updated 16 Sep 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where PAM
Authors Changhyun Lee, D. K. Lee, Yung Yi, Sue B. Moon
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