Optimal monitoring in multi-channel multi-radio wireless mesh networks

14 years 17 days ago
Optimal monitoring in multi-channel multi-radio wireless mesh networks
Wireless mesh networks (WMN) are finding increasing usage in city-wide deployments for providing network connectivity. Mesh routers in WMNs typically use multiple wireless channels to enhance the spatial-reuse of frequency bands, often with multiple radios per node. Due to the cooperative nature of WMNs, they are susceptible to many attacks that cannot be defeated by using traditional cryptographic mechanisms of authentication or encryption alone. A solution approach commonly used for defending against such attacks is behavior-based detection in which some nodes overhear communication in their neighborhood to determine if the behavior by a neighbor is legitimate. It has been proposed to use specialized monitoring nodes deployed strategically throughout the network for performing such detection. The problem that arises is where to deploy these monitoring nodes, how to minimize their number, and which channels to tune their radios to, such that the maximum part of the network can be cov...
Dong-Hoon Shin, Saurabh Bagchi
Added 25 Nov 2009
Updated 25 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Dong-Hoon Shin, Saurabh Bagchi
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