Order and Negation as Failure

14 years 21 days ago
Order and Negation as Failure
We equip ordered logic programs with negation as failure, using a simple generalization of the preferred answer set semantics for ordered programs. This extension supports a convenient formulation of certain problems, which is illustrated by means of an intuitive simulation of logic programming with ordered disjunction. The simulation also supports a broader application of “ordered disjunction”, handling problems that would be cumbersome to express using ordered disjunction logic programs. Interestingly, allowing negation as failure in ordered logic programs does not yield any extra computational power: the combination of negation as failure and order can be simulated using order (and true negation) alone.
Davy Van Nieuwenborgh, Dirk Vermeir
Added 07 Jul 2010
Updated 07 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ICLP
Authors Davy Van Nieuwenborgh, Dirk Vermeir
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