An Overview of JPEG-2000

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An Overview of JPEG-2000
JPEG-2000 is an emerging standard for still image compression. This paper provides a brief history of the JPEG-2000 standardization process, an overview of the standard, and some description of the capabilities provided by the standard. Part I of the JPEG-2000 standard specifies the minimum compliant decoder, while Part II describes optional, value-added extensions. Although the standard specifies only the decoder and bitstream syntax, in this paper we describe JPEG-2000 from the point of view of encoding. We take this approach, as we believe it is more amenable to a compact description more easily understood by most readers.
Michael W. Marcellin, Michael J. Gormish, Ali Bilg
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Updated 30 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where DCC
Authors Michael W. Marcellin, Michael J. Gormish, Ali Bilgin, Martin P. Boliek
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