Overview of the TREC 2004 Question Answering Track

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Overview of the TREC 2004 Question Answering Track
The TREC 2004 Question Answering track contained a single task in which question series were used to define a set of targets. Each series contained factoid and list questions and related to a single target. The final question in the series was an "Other" question that asked for additional information about the target that was not covered by previous questions in the series. Each question type was evaluated separately with the final score a weighted average of the different component scores. Applying the combined measure on a per-series basis produces a QA task evaluation that more closely mimics classic document retrieval evaluation. The goal of the TREC question answering (QA) track is to foster research on systems that return answers themselves, rather than documents containing answers, in response to a question. The track started in TREC-8 (1999), with the first several editions of the track focused on factoid questions. A factoid question is a fact-based, short answer qu...
Ellen M. Voorhees
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Year 2004
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