Packrat Parsing: Simple, Powerful, Lazy, Linear Time

13 years 7 months ago
Packrat Parsing: Simple, Powerful, Lazy, Linear Time
Packrat parsing is a novel technique for implementing parsers in a lazy functional programming language. A packrat parser provides the power and flexibility of top-down parsing with backtracking and unlimited lookahead, but nevertheless guarantees linear parse time. Any language defined by an LL(k) or LR(k) grammar can be recognized by a packrat parser, in addition to many languages that conventional linear-time algorithms do not support. This additional power simplifies the handling of common syntactic idioms such as the widespread but troublesome longest-match rule, enables the use of sophisticated disambiguation strategies such as syntactic and semantic predicates, provides better grammar composition properties, and allows lexical analysis to be integrated seamlessly into parsing. Yet despite its power, packrat parsing shares the same simplicity and elegance as recursive descent parsing; in fact converting a backtracking recursive descent parser into a linear-time packrat parser of...
Bryan Ford
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Updated 11 Dec 2010
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Year 2006
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