Partial results for online query processing

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Partial results for online query processing
Traditional query processors generate full, accurate query results, either in batch or in pipelined fashion. We argue that this strict model is too rigid for exploratory queries over diverse and distributed data sources, such as sources on the Internet. Instead, we propose a looser model of querying in which a user submits a broad initial query outline, and the system continually generates partial result tuples that may contain values for only some of the output fields. The user can watch these partial results accumulate at the user interface, and accordingly refine the query by specifying their interest in different kinds of partial results. After describing our querying model and user interface, we present a query processing architecture for this model which is implemented in the Telegraph dataflow system. Our architecture is designed to generate partial results quickly, and to adapt query execution to changing user interests. The crux of this architecture is a dataflow operator tha...
Vijayshankar Raman, Joseph M. Hellerstein
Added 23 Dec 2010
Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Vijayshankar Raman, Joseph M. Hellerstein
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