On Persistent and Reliable Streaming in Ada

13 years 9 months ago
On Persistent and Reliable Streaming in Ada
Saving internal program data for further use is one of the most useful ideas in programming. Developing general features to provide such data saving/ restoring is a very active research area. There are two application areas for such features we believe to be crucial: system fault tolerance and data persistence. Our analysis shows that the features used in these areas have a lot in common: they are to flatten data of different types and save them in a store which can be used later on. The recent revision of the Ada language standard, Ada 95, introduces a new mechanism called streams that allows structured data to be flattened. Streams are sequences of elements comprising values from possibly different types. Ada 95 allows programmers to develop their streams following dard abstract class interface. In this paper we show how to use the stream concept for developing new features to provide internal program data saving suitable for fault tolerance and persistence. A hierarchy of differen...
Jörg Kienzle, Alexander B. Romanovsky
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Jörg Kienzle, Alexander B. Romanovsky
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