A Personal and Portable Database Server: the CQL Card

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A Personal and Portable Database Server: the CQL Card
Database applications and technologies are of central importance in many information systems a person may encounter. To obtain services, the end-users are required a smart card (plastic card containing a microcomputer), which is a device providing information about the user's identity and some related personal data. It can be updated and loaded with new data that will be used during further sessions. Moreover the data contained into the smart card can be used by other information systems, the data are carried away from a site to another. The individual mobility increases the need for a person to carry information about himself anywhere and at any time. For services providers, such as health professionals, it is essential to access to this information stored on several information systems. In many applicative areas, to provide different information systems linked and networked is a real challenge. Based on personal information about the bearer, the smart card is a key to access to ...
Pierre Paradinas, Jean-Jacques Vandewalle
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where ADB
Authors Pierre Paradinas, Jean-Jacques Vandewalle
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