Personalized Search on the World Wide Web

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Personalized Search on the World Wide Web
With the exponential growth of the available information on the World Wide Web, a traditional search engine, even if based on sophisticated document indexing algorithms, has difficulty meeting efficiency and effectiveness performance demanded by users searching for relevant information. Users surfing the Web in search of resources to satisfy their information needs have less and less time and patience to formulate queries, wait for the results and sift through them. Consequently, it is vital in many applications - for example in an e-commerce Web site or in a scientific one - for the search system to find the right information very quickly. Personalized Web environments that build models of short-term and long-term user needs based on user actions, browsed documents or past queries are playing an increasingly crucial role: they form a winning combination, able to satisfy the user better than unpersonalized search engines based on traditional Information Retrieval (IR) techniques. ...
Alessandro Micarelli, Fabio Gasparetti, Filippo Sc
Added 18 Oct 2010
Updated 18 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Alessandro Micarelli, Fabio Gasparetti, Filippo Sciarrone, Susan Gauch
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