A Perspective on Distortions

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A Perspective on Distortions
A framework for analyzing distortions in non-single viewpoint imaging systems is presented. Such systems possess loci of viewpoints called caustics. In general, perspective (or undistorted) views cannot be computed from images acquired with such systems without knowing scene structure. Views computed without scene structure will exhibit distortions which we call caustic distortions. We first introduce a taxonomy of distortions based on the geometry of imaging systems. Then, we derive a metric to quantify caustic distortions. We present an algorithm to compute minimally distorted views using simple priors on scene structure. These priors are defined as parameterized primitives such as spheres, planes and cylinders with simple uncertainty models for the parameters. To validate our method, we conducted extensive experiments on rendered and real images. In all cases our method produces nearly undistorted views even though the acquired images were strongly distorted. We also provide an a...
Rahul Swaminathan, Michael D. Grossberg, Shree K.
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CVPR
Authors Rahul Swaminathan, Michael D. Grossberg, Shree K. Nayar
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