Plan Diagnosis and Agent Diagnosis in Multi-agent Systems

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Plan Diagnosis and Agent Diagnosis in Multi-agent Systems
Abstract. The paper discusses a distributed approach for monitoring and diagnosing the execution of a plan where concurrent actions are performed by a team of cooperating agents. The paper extends the notion of plan diagnosis, introduced by Roos et al for the execution of a multi agent plan, with the notion of agent diagnosis. While plan diagnosis is able to capture the distinction between primary and secondary failures, the agent diagnosis makes apparent the actual health status of the agents. The agent and the plan diagnosis are important pieces of information, which can be exploited during the process of plan recovery from an action failure. The paper presents a mechanism of failure propagation which captures the interplay between agent diagnosis and plan diagnosis; this mechanism plays a critical role in the understanding at what extent a fault affecting the functionalities of an agent affects the global plan. In the monitoring and diagnostic steps, the system makes use of a relati...
Roberto Micalizio, Pietro Torasso
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where AIIA
Authors Roberto Micalizio, Pietro Torasso
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