On the Power Allocation of MIMO Channels

12 years 9 months ago
On the Power Allocation of MIMO Channels
In this paper we consider MIMO system with Mt transmitting and Mr receiving antennas, when channel state information (CSI) is known on the transmitter side. The Reyleigh fading channel propagation condition is assumed. In this case, the optimum transmission consists of allocating the transmitted power for each virtual sub-channel related to the corresponding eigenvalue of the channel matrix. The optimum power allocation is computed using the water pouring algorithm (WPA). However, a real-time implementation of the algorithm requires serious computational work, which is O(M2 t ). We propose a modification to WPA that reduces the computational complexity to O(Mt).
Viktor Zaharov, Houssain Kettani
Added 19 Feb 2011
Updated 19 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Where ICWN
Authors Viktor Zaharov, Houssain Kettani
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