A predictive location model for location-based services

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A predictive location model for location-based services
Location-Based Services (LBSs) utilize information about users' locations through location-aware mobile devices to provide services, such as nearest features of interest, they request. This is a common strategy in LBSs and although it is needed and benefits the users, there are additional benefits when future locations (e.g., locations at later times) are predicted. One major advantage of location prediction is that it provides LBSs with extended resources, mainly time, to improve system reliability which in return increases the users' confidence and the demand for LBSs. However, much of the current location prediction research is focused on generalized location models, where the geographic extent is divided into regular-shape cells. These models are not suitable for certain LBSs whose objective is to compute and present on-road services, because a cell may contain several roads while the computation and delivery of a service may require the exact road on which the user is d...
Hassan A. Karimi, Xiong Liu
Added 11 Nov 2009
Updated 11 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where GIS
Authors Hassan A. Karimi, Xiong Liu
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