Preserving Architectural Properties in Multithreaded Code Generation

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Preserving Architectural Properties in Multithreaded Code Generation
Architectural descriptions can provide support for a formal representation of the structure and the overall behavior of software systems, which is suitable for an early assessment of the system properties as well as for the automated generation of code. The problem addressed in this paper is to what extent the properties verified at the architectural level can be preserved during the code generation process for multithreaded programs. In order to limit the human intervention, we propose to separate the thread synchronization management from the thread behavior translation. While a completely automated and architecturedriven approach can guarantee the correct thread coordination, we show that only a partial translation based on stubs is possible for the behavior of the threads, with the preservation of the architectural properties depending on the way in which the stubs are filled in.
Marco Bernardo, Edoardo Bontà
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Marco Bernardo, Edoardo Bontà
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