Processing RIF and OWL2RL within DLVHEX

13 years 5 months ago
Processing RIF and OWL2RL within DLVHEX
We present an extension of the DLVHEX system to support RIF-Core, a dialect of W3C’s Rule Interchange Format (RIF), as well as combinations of RIF-Core and OWL2RL ontologies. DLVHEX is a plugin system on top of DLV, a disjunctive Datalog engine which enables higher-order and external atoms, as well as input rewriting capabilities, which are provided as plugins and enable DLVHEX to bidirectionally exchange data with external knowledge bases and consuming input in different Semantic Web languages. In fact, there already exist plugins for languages such as RDF and SPARQL. Our new plugin facilitates consumption and processing of RIF rule sets, as well as OWL2RL reasoning by a 2-step-reduction to DLVHEX via embedding in RIF-Core. The current version implements the translation from OWL2RL to RIF by a static rule set [12] and supports the RIF built-ins mandatory for this reduction trough external atoms in DLVHEX. For the future we plan to switch to a dynamic approach for RIF embedding of OW...
Marco Marano, Philipp Obermeier, Axel Polleres
Added 30 Jan 2011
Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Marco Marano, Philipp Obermeier, Axel Polleres
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