Product Multicommodity Flow in Wireless Networks

13 years 7 months ago
Product Multicommodity Flow in Wireless Networks
We provide a tight approximate characterization of the n-dimensional product multicommodity flow (PMF) region for a wireless network of n nodes. Separate characterizations in terms of the spectral properties of appropriate network graphs are obtained in both an information theoretic sense and for a combinatorial interference model (e.g., Protocol model). These provide an inner approximation to the n2 dimensional capacity region. These results answer the following questions which arise naturally from previous work: (a) What is the significance of 1/ n in the scaling laws for the Protocol interference model obtained by Gupta and Kumar (2000)? (b) Can we obtain a tight approximation to the "maximum supportable flow" for node distributions more general than the geometric random distribution, traffic models other than randomly chosen source-destination pairs, and under very general assumptions on the channel fading model? We first establish that the random source-destination mod...
Ritesh Madan, Devavrat Shah, Olivier Lév&ec
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CORR
Authors Ritesh Madan, Devavrat Shah, Olivier Lévêque
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