Product Reviews in Mobile Decision Aid Systems

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Product Reviews in Mobile Decision Aid Systems
Recommender systems provide decision aid and information filtering functions that have a great potential application in the mobile context. An aspect which has not been extensively exploited, in current recommender systems, are ways to better explain the recommendations, for instance, exploiting the opinion of users about the recommended products. In this paper we shall describe the foundations for a mobile product recommender system which incorporates both structured (supplier driven) product descriptions and more subjective product knowledge, provided by users reviews. We think this type of recommendation technology could be especially useful in the mobile context, where people must take decisions in a rather short period of time, with a limited availability of product information, and with limited device capabilities. Keywords Mobile decision tools, meta recommender systems, electronic word-of-mouth
René T. A. Wietsma, Francesco Ricci
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Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors René T. A. Wietsma, Francesco Ricci
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