Property-aware program sampling

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Property-aware program sampling
Monitoring or profiling programs provides us with an understanding for its further improvement and analysis. Typically, for monitoring or profiling, the program is instrumented to execute additional code that collects necessary data. However, a widely-understood problem with this approach is that program instrumentation can result in significant execution overhead. A number of techniques based on statistical sampling have been proposed to reduce this overhead. Statistical sampling based instrumentation techniques, although effective in reducing the overall overhead, often lead to poor coverage or incomplete results. The contribution of this work is a profiling technique that we call property-aware program sampling. Our sampling technique uses program slicing to reduce the scope of instrumentation and slice fragments to decompose large program slices into more manageable, logically related parts for instrumentation, thereby improving the scalability of monitoring and profiling tec...
Harish Narayanappa, Mukul S. Bansal, Hridesh Rajan
Added 29 Jan 2011
Updated 29 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Harish Narayanappa, Mukul S. Bansal, Hridesh Rajan
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