The PROSPER Toolkit

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The PROSPER Toolkit
Abstract. The Prosper (Proof and Specification Assisted Design Environments) project advocates the use of toolkits which allow existing verification tools to be adapted to a more flexible format so that they may be treated as components. A system incorporating such tools becomes another component that can be embedded in an application. This paper describes the Prosper Toolkit which enables this. The nature of communication between components is specified in a languageindependent way. It is implemented in several common programming languages to allow a wide variety of tools to have access to the toolkit.
Louise A. Dennis, Graham Collins, Michael Norrish,
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Louise A. Dennis, Graham Collins, Michael Norrish, Richard J. Boulton, Konrad Slind, Graham Robinson, Michael J. C. Gordon, Thomas F. Melham
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