Proving Bounds on Real-Valued Functions with Computations

14 years 4 months ago
Proving Bounds on Real-Valued Functions with Computations
Interval-based methods are commonly used for computing numerical bounds on expressions and proving inequalities on real numbers. Yet they are hardly used in proof assistants, as the large amount of numerical computations they require keeps them out of reach from deductive proof processes. However, evaluating programs inside proofs is an efficient way for reducing the size of proof terms while performing numerous computations. This work shows how programs combining automatic differentiation with floating-point and interval arithmetic can be used as efficient yet certified solvers. They have been implemented in a library for the Coq proof system. This library provides tactics for proving inequalities on real-valued expressions.
Guillaume Melquiond
Added 03 Dec 2009
Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CADE
Authors Guillaume Melquiond
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