Quality-Oriented Search for Depression Portals

14 years 4 months ago
Quality-Oriented Search for Depression Portals
The problem of low-quality information on the Web is nowhere more important than in the domain of health, where unsound information and misleading advice can have serious consequences. The quality of health web sites can be rated by subject experts against evidence-based guidelines. We previously developed an automated quality rating technique (AQA) for depression websites and showed that it correlated 0.85 with such expert ratings. In this paper, we use AQA to filter or rerank Google results returned in response to queries relating to depression. We compare this to an unrestricted quality-oriented (AQA based) focused crawl starting from an Open Directory category and a conventional crawl with manually constructed seedlist and inclusion rules. The results show that postprocessed Google outperforms other forms of search engine restricted to the domain of depressive illness on both relevance and quality. Key words: Health search on the Web, Health portals
Thanh Tin Tang, David Hawking, Ramesh S. Sankarana
Added 08 Mar 2010
Updated 08 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ECIR
Authors Thanh Tin Tang, David Hawking, Ramesh S. Sankaranarayana, Kathleen Griffiths, Nick Craswell
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