Quantum-dot cellular automata: computing by field polarization

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Quantum-dot cellular automata: computing by field polarization
As CMOS technology continues its monotonic shrink, computing with quantum dots remains a goal in nanotechnology research. Quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) is a paradigm for lowpower, high-speed, highly dense computing that could be realized in a variety of materials systems. Discussed here are the basic paradigm of QCA, materials systems in which QCA might be constructed, a series of experiments performed in the metal tunnel junction technology, and ideas for future QCA implementations. Categories and Subject Descriptors B.6.1 [Logic Design]: Design Styles ? cellular arrays and automata, combinational logic. B.7.1 [Integrated Circuits]: Types and Design Styles ? advanced technologies, microprocessors and microcomputers. General Terms: Design, Experimentation.
Gary H. Bernstein
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Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Gary H. Bernstein
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