Quantum Patterns and Types for Entanglement and Separability

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Quantum Patterns and Types for Entanglement and Separability
As a first step toward a notion of quantum data structures, we introduce a typing system for reflecting entanglement and separability. This is presented in the context of classically controlled quantum computation where a classical program controls a sequence of quantum operations, i.e. unitary transformations and measurements n a quantum memory. Abstract models for such quantum computations are the Quantum Random Access Machine (QRAM [5]) and the Classically-Controlled Quantum Turing Machine (CQTM [9]). Several quantum programming languages follow this model [1,3,6,12,13]. Among them, the functional language defined by Valiron [15] is the basis for the language developed in this paper. This is work in progress. Key words: Quantum programming languages, quantum types, entanglement and separability. 1 Basic Notions: Separability and Entanglement The state of a qubit is a normalized vector in the 2-dimensional Hilbert space C2 . The state of a set of n qubits is generally described b...
Simon Perdrix
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