Querying Streaming Geospatial Image Data: The GeoStreams Project

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Querying Streaming Geospatial Image Data: The GeoStreams Project
Data products generated from remotely-sensed, geospatial imagery (RSI) used in emerging areas, such as global climatology, environmental monitoring, land use, and disaster management, require costly and time consuming efforts in processing the data. For the researcher, data is typically fully replicated using file-based approaches, then undergoes multiple processing steps, these steps often being duplicated at many sites. For the provider, data distribution is often tied directly to the data archiving task, focusing on simple, coarse grained offerings. Many RSI instruments transmit data in a continuous or semi-continuous stream, but current techniques in processing do not utilize the stream nature of the imagery. Recent research on continuous querying of data streams offer alternative processing approaches, but typically assume tuple style data objects, relying on traditional relational models as basis for query processing techniques and architectures. Complex types of stream objects...
Quinn Hart, Michael Gertz
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Year 2005
Authors Quinn Hart, Michael Gertz
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