Reactive Visual Control of Multiple Non-Holonomic Robotic Agents

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Reactive Visual Control of Multiple Non-Holonomic Robotic Agents
We have developed a multiagent robotic system including perception, cognition, and action components to function in a dynamicenvironment. The system involves the integration and coordination of a variety of diverse functional modules. At the sensing level, our complete multiagent robotic system incorporates detection and recognition algorithms to handle the motion of multiple mobile robots in a noisy environment. At the strategic and decision-making level, deliberative and reactive components take in the processed sensory inputs and select the appropriate actions to reach objectives under the dynamic and changing environmental conditions. At the actuator level, physical robotic e ectors execute the motion commands generated by the cognition level. In this paper, we focus on presenting our approach for reactive visual control of multiple mobilerobots. We present a tracking and prediction algorithm which handles visually homogeneous agents. We describe our non-holonomic control for sing...
Kwun Han, Manuela M. Veloso
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where ICRA
Authors Kwun Han, Manuela M. Veloso
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